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We give security, quality and compliance professionals the wings they deserve with a first of its kind solution combining ISMS, GRC, QMS and DMS in one platform for an efficient collaboration, documentation, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of any framework, regulation or standard.

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Our platform is the first of its kind to optimize and centralize the typical workflows of security/compliance professionals in a single location, removing all distractions from your work. If you have existing work, you can instantly upload and augment the work you've already spent months/years on (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Risk assessments, ...)

This includes risk management, KPI/Performance tracking, asset management and dependency tracking, a central repository for meeting notes, document approvals workflows, document versioning, notifications and (recurring) reminders, tasks management, Gantt roadmap planning, multi-standard control mapping with maturity tracking, Workflow forms, document distribution to your staff with auditable trace, and much more, all with the goal of providing you with a simple, structured, and centralized way to manage your work as efficiently as possible.

Most importantly, we believe that a good ISMS/GRC management system should be accessible to companies of all sizes, because it is the most critical component if you are serious about improving your current security/compliance posture. This is why you'll see on our public pricing page that we have a very simple and affordable pricing model, making our solution a no-brainer choice for both consulting companies and individual companies to do things the right way.

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Our solution has you fully covered!

We put all you need into one system, easy to manage, structured, with everything linked together and understandable for all people involved 


Document management system (DMS)

Leverage a simple folder structure that everyone understands to store, structure and manage your compliance

Why is our solution different than the rest?

We are visual

An image speaks a thousand words. That's why our system makes a big difference to get organised. The quicker people see the "Why" the quicker they are willing to "Comply"

Come as you are

Your current ISMS is in Excel and Word files? Our system is hybrid and allows you to upload your existing documents and gradually deploy while immediately allowing you to profit from all our features.

All in one place

Asset & risk management, meeting minutes, technical details, KPIs, regulations, stakeholder requirements, policies, procedures, control mapping, forms, tasks, auditable proof, ...

Easy for all stakeholders

Get actual involvement from leadership, employees, team managers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Made for multi-entity

Managing multiple companies as a consultant or multiple legal entities of your company in a fully isolated and easy way

Save time

Stop wasting time with emails, task planning and loss of important project details by bringing all in one place

Integrated planning

Do all your task/project planning (for multiple customers/legal entities) and work delegation inside the same platform.


We want to make it a no brainer for small to medium companies to use a state-of-the-art system

You need a self-hosted solution?

Do you need to comply with local regulations (e.g. CSSF) or simply prefer to have the data close to you. Then simply take our self-hosted solution, we are happy to give you more information.

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With one clear place to structure all information from the start, you'll be better organized and while always having all details at your finger tips 

Meeting notes

A meeting is useless if there is no clear objective, output or follow-up from your discussions. With Brainframe we give you a nice meeting template where you can document everything. Because everything is linked and in one place you can tag assets and other documents right inside your meeting notes and immediately create task to ensure nobody loses sight on the things you agreed upon.

Request forms

Allowing you to create public forms (eg access request, new supplier, incident notification, GDPR rights, ...) for which replies can directly be mapped to parts of your workspace (eg assets, employees, location, ...) with the full reply of a form being stored in a specific folder. These forms can also be embedded into your own website as a web component making it look part of your corporate identity.

Structured influx of data

Structure all new data on your compliance, projects or system related information inside intelligent context aware folders while allowing the same document/folder to live in multiple folders at the same time. We give you a flexibility you've never seen before!

Upload requests

You need a document from a supplier or colleague? Ask anyone to upload files directly in the correct folder in your workspace without them having access to your document management system. Stop wasting time with emails or hunting down people to get what you want

Website snapshots

Remember those situations where you could no longer find that website that perfectly described a specific regulation, standard or way to implement something? Now you simply take a image snapshot of any website and store them where it makes sense. On top of that we index the content so you can quickly find it back later.


With Brainframe you get a dedicated workspace for the customers or company entities you manage, where you can centralise all relevant information in a highly structured and visual way, making your information management system come to life for both you and your collaborators.

Document types

PDF, Word and Excel is what most of us know, we reinvented document types to align with asset types and other industry specific terminology, bringing your workspace to life with a whole new level of detail.

Document templates

Many of our document types come with their own template content to accelerate your work. But you can also define your own templates which includes versioning so you can show your auditors when you used what template and keep track of its changes. We even let you upload your own Word documents as templates if you already have all you need.

ITSM and dependencies

Want to get a quick overview on how your policies are linked, which assets are linked with what, understand your stakeholder interests, or see what vulnerabilities apply to which asset? Using our visual dependency collections, you can quickly define what information you want to visualize, and we do the rest.

Asset management

In Brainframe everything is a document, including your assets. With many different asset types built in, our "Inventory of ..." document will make it super easy for you to identify and document all your assets, which you can then link to the rest of your ISMS (policies, risks, meeting notes, tasks or any other part in your workspace)

Versioning & Approvals

All documents in Brainframe can be assigned a version for easy audit control. Some documents require approvals before they can be published, which is why we give you a flexible approval workflow where you can define multiple stages with different approvers per stage. Each approval is verified with a one time key (eg google authenticator). We offer two types of approvals:

  • Simple approvals - where the content of a specific version cannot be modified in the different approval stages
  • Dynamic approvals - where in each stage you're able to modify different parts of the document (see animation on the left)

Diagram editor

Don't you hate it that you always need to use different tools when you need to make diagrams, and then store them in some format that nobody else can read? That is exactly why we decided to build-in a diagram editor that allows you to make schematics or flow diagrams. Of course all with history of changes & versioning included.

Document properties

Do your documents have specific properties you need to track? Properties like "Owner of document", "Risk origin", "Category of supplier". Do you need some of these properties to be force collected/verified during risk/KPI readings? Do you want to have full flexibility on defining these properties?

Then you will love the way our document properties work!


When you depend on multiple people to reduce risks and stay compliant then keeping an overview on the tasks and projects that need to be done by different teams and doing the follow-up is extremely time consuming without an easy system.

Brainframe makes this child's play and integrates task management, Gantt timelines, Kanban boards and planning right into your workspace!

Manage risks

In the beginning risks are easy to manage, but as your business grows, it quickly becomes difficult to manage. Brainframe allows you to define multiple types of risks to be tracked on the same assets (CIA risks, Safety risks, Supplier risks, Stakeholder risks, Business risks, KYC risks, ...) and this all visualized onto a dynamic risk matrix with a clear evolution KPI that is folder aware giving you a hierarchy based view on the different risks (e.g. per project, per department, per supplier, per customer ...). At the same time you can plan your mitigations and see on the green curve how your risks go down.

Control mapping

Keeping track of multiple regulatory requirements in combination with different ISO or industry specific standards can be challenging and very time consuming. Using our Statement of applicability mapping you can now easily map your existing controls and evidence of implementation to specific standards/regulations/requirements making it easy to find everything back during audits

Project management

Any document can be marked as a task, and using our folder based views you can quickly get a hierarchical view on what tasks are still open for that folder (and its subfolders). These tasks can also logically be grouped together in the form of checklists making it easy to track progress and compliance at a glance. (e.g. checklist for GDPR, ISO27001, Quality, ...)

Multi entity

If you are a consulting company that needs to manage multiple different customers, or you are responsible for multiple different entities in a big multi-national, then we have you covered. We let you manage fully isolated workspaces while letting you quickly switch between them.

Roadmap & timeline

Are you still tracking your compliance roadmap in Excel, struggling to keep it up to date? We allow you to track your tasks onto a Gantt timeline and visualise/group them per responsible or per checklist (e.g. ISO27001, GDPR, Quality, ...), making it easy to show management/auditors what you have done and how you plan to continue.

KPI tracking

They say that if you can't measure it, you can't improve it. That's why KPIs are essential in any management system. We help you track progress using metrics you define (fully customisable formulas) and that make sense for your management system, while storing KPI reading evidence and visualizing its evolution over time.

Custom Kanban

Add any document as a task on a simple todo/doing/done Kanban board, or define your own Kanban workflow to align with your process. We make it easy to visualise tasks and their progress in a way that makes sense for both you and your management (eg employee life cycle management, incident tracking, CAPA progress, ...). Our Kanban system is also folder hierarchy aware, giving you a  quick way to view only tasks for a specific folder and its subfolders (e.g. per project, per department, per supplier, per customer ...)


All of your documents can easily be added to distributions, which can be assigned to any internal or external collaborators. This makes collecting proof that your policies have been read a problem of the past

Distribute policies

Are you still printing your policies or using an outdated local intranet to distribute documents to your different collaborators? How are you showing your auditor that people actually read your policies?

With Brainframe you can simply add any document (e.g. policy or procedure) to be part of a distribution. This distribution you can then share with your audience (internal or external) without that they need to log in. The collaborators then mark the document as read & understood, giving you and your auditors a clear and immediate view on the actual distribution and adoption of the content.


Security and compliance often require you to ask the right questions to your vendors and the ability to proof to your auditors that you did this follow-up. Using our Q&A solution we make it easy for you to create your own questionnaires that can be re-used over time. This allows both you and your auditors to track these activities. And as usual, all including versioning so you can see how replies changed over time

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