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Brainframe is the first of its kind visual information security management system (ISMS) for security and compliance professionals, making it easy to collect information, document compliance, manage work and distribute to your teams in a highly structured and visual way that makes sense for all people involved.


Information security management system for

Data protection

Why is our ISMS different?

Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation and action - David Kekich

Brainframe is the ultimate ISMS to give you the control you need to stay effective without a burnout.

  • Captures all small or big things that might need to be done or are relevant - now, later or someday in between, but outside of your head

  • Lets you decide what you let into your brain, giving you a workable inventory of "next actions" you can implement or renegotiate

  • Helps you curate and coordinate all of that content on multiple levels of commitment with yourself and others, at any point in time

It is our company mission to help reduce the stress and anxiety of security/compliance professionals

Visual ISMS

An image speaks a thousand words. That's why a visual ISMS makes a big difference to get organised

All in one

Asset & risk management, meeting minutes, technical details,  regulations, policies, procedures, tasks, audit proof, ...

Made for multi-entity

Managing multiple companies or legal entities in a fully isolated and easy way

Save time

Stop wasting time with emails, task planning and loss of important project details by bringing all in one place

Flexible 4 U

You are the professional with your  own content and way of working. We give you the tools you need to execute efficiently.

Easy for stakeholders

Get actual involvement from leadership, team managers and other stakeholders

Integrated planning

Do all your task/project planning related to your ISMS in the same platform.


We give small to medium size companies access to a professional ISMS


We have your key activities covered!


One place to put all the information you collect from the different teams
(Meeting notes, technical details, websites, legal requirements, ...)


One place for all your policies, procedures and diagrams with versioning and auditable approval workflows.


One place to manage assets and risk with an easy way to plan, prioritise, organise and delegate the work that needs to be done.


One place to publish and distribute content for your employees, suppliers or other external collaborators with auditable track record.


With Brainframe you get a dedicated workspace for the customers or company entities you manage, where you can centralise all relevant information in a highly structured and visual way, making your information management system come to life for both you and your collaborators.


We give you industry specific document types, customizable document templates and easy versioning with document approval workflows, combined with a build in diagram editor to document and version your workflows, making your life so much easier!


When you depend on multiple people to reduce risks, keeping an overview on the tasks and projects that need to be done by different teams and doing the follow-up is not always easy.

Brainframe makes this child's play and integrates task management, Gantt timelines, Kanban boards and planning right into your workspace!


All of your documents can easily be added to distributions, which can be assigned any internal or external collaborators. This makes collecting proof that your policies and each small update have been read a problem of the past

Information security management system (ISMS)

Our platform can be used for many different domains of knowledge, since you bring your own structure and templates.
This section gives some examples from a Security professional's perspective. 

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Asset documentation

As part of an effective security management system, a detailed asset management is required to efficiently manage the related assets, risks, vulnerabilities and informations flows.

Using Brainfame, your different assets can live in the folders where they make sense, and can be linked to other document types like Employees, Service providers or implemented Security Measures allowing you to visually understand their relations.

Policies & Procedures

To ensure users know what to do in any given context, there is no better way than putting the relevant policies and procedures directly in the folders where the rest of the process lives. 

Using Brainframe you can make one policy document, and link this document to multiple different folders so that any updates are immediately up to date in all other folders. Our versioning, review and approval process will bring all you need for compliance.

Discover more ways to use Brainframe.

Inspiring blog articles describing why to use Brainframe to overcome common security challenges.

Risk management & prioritisation

By placing risks or vulnerabilities in a logical place of your workspace close to the asset, you get hierarchy aware folder based views on your tasks which greatly improves your overview.

Brainframe offers KPI tracking for your security objectives and risk matrix to facilitate your risk exposure and progress at any time. Multiple document types related to risk management (Vulnerability, Threat, Security control, Administrative control, Permissions...), or your own custom document types, will be at the basis of your security story and allow you to work with your own content.

Privacy compliance management

Documenting all processing flows and understanding which data subjects, systems elements or external services are involved where, why and how can be a challenging task.

Using Brainframe you will have multiple intelligent document types at your disposal (data subject types, processor, controller, purpose of processing, processing activities, data types, ...) that can all be linked together into a processing activity, making it much easier for you and your customers to comply with local privacy regulation's requirements and keep your compliance management up to date. Auditors will love the way you are structured and able to immediately reply to any type of complex inquiry.

Simple pricing

Simple pricing

We believe in simple licensing, no hidden feature up-sells, all features included, no per user licensing, all for an affordable price.

When you purchase a specialist pack license, you get one workspace for you and 4 isolated workspaces for your customers.
In each of these workspaces you can add as many collaborators as you want.

Is your customer happy with the workspace you created, then they can take over the ownership  and you again have one slot available for other customers.

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  • All functionalities
  • 5 users per workspace
  •  2 isolated workspaces
    (one for you and one for your customer)
  • 1 GB of data storage
  • Email support
  • 2 hours of guided onboarding 
    (We offer extra paid migration and training services for customers)

Specialist pack
Let Brainframe give you the wings you deserve for

50€ /month

  • All functionalities
  • Unlimited users
  •  Includes 5 isolated workspaces
    (one for you and 4 for your customers)
  • 50 GB data storage per workspace
    (This is just to put a limit, if you don't abuse, we don't complain)
  • Personal support
  •   4 hours of guided onboarding 
    (We can offer extra paid migration and training services if needed)

Single workspace 
For personal use or when a customer takes over a workspace

25€  /month 

  • All functionalities
  • Unlimited users
  • No linked workspaces
  • 50 GB data storage
    (This is just to put a limit, if you don't abuse, we don't complain)
  • Personal support
  • 2 hours of guided onboarding 
    (We offer extra paid migration and training services for customers)

Additional optional paid services

  • Support for migrating & structuring of existing ISMS
  • Dedicated training sessions for you and your teams to make the best out of our service 
  • Single sign on integration
  • Own data storage usage
  • On premise installation
  • 24/7 personal support

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